People are using PDA in every walk of life
2021-05-06 10:46:00
Now, people are able to use plenty of technology products in their lives and these products are making their lives easier and easier. Let's talk about how PDA changes our lives.

In recent years, automatic and intelligent system are widely used than ever before, actually, its products are able to be found in every walk of life like the barcode scanner in supermarket, handheld PDA in logistics, and RFID handheld readers for ticket checking etc..  


PDA intelligent handheld terminal is also named handheld data collection terminal or factory data collection terminal. Its mainly used for collecting, dealing, checking and delivering information comes from factories producing procedures, however, not only in traditional industies like logistics, retail, and clothing, also in financial, electric and government utility.

1. For clothing industry

Handheld terminal is able to link branches and inventory automaticlly with scanning products unique code, while data is sent to backstage with WIFI, every move and change of the products are recorded, and data analysis are finished by computer at the same time.

2. For logistics and delivery

Handheld terminal are used for inventory management, develivery tracking and products tracking. For delivery service, handheld terminal is used in every step such as pick up, sorting and delivering, and it improved the efficiency dramatically.

3. For retail industry

Except inventory and branches management, with adding RFID reader, handheld terminal is able to read a large number of data simultaneously with a higher speed, and allow customers having a better shopping experience.

4. For medical industry

Not only tracking medecines move, but also in hospitals daily care, as data are saved in center system, doctors are able to check patients profile immediately with handheld device in emergency. In addition, it is also used for nursing, pharmacists work, and profile management.

5. For Manufacturing

Handheld terminal is on duty for item-by-item managment and accessories information checking in manufacturing. Besides in car factory, it can also be used for reading unique DPM code.

6. For financial

The handheld terminal provides a mobile informatization method for the banknote dispensation, which will greatly improve the security and efficiency of the banknote dispensing center. With sending OTP to handheld terminal, it reduced the risk of leaking password.

7. For government utility

Normally, handheld terminal can be used for fixed asset inventory. Recently, it is also used for illegal car park management. Polices use handheld terminal to record illegal information like photo evidence and car number, and upload it with WIFI, all information about the car and driver can be seen soon.


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