Basic operations class
  • How does the machine connect to the computer?


    1) Development and debugging: Check "Settings - Developer Options {} - USB Debugging". If the computer is not connected to the network, you need to install the driver manually.

    2) Copy files to the device memory, etc.:Select the MicroUSB mode in the KT80 device "Settings - USB function routing configuration", and then select the "MTP" mode in the machine notification bar "USB connection mode".For machines with USB fingerprints,which exits the use of the fingerprint (the fingerprints occupy USB, you cannot use the normal USB function),

    then the machine notifies the bar that "USB connection mode" selects the "MTP" mode.

    Special:older version machines such as in the first half of 2017 will also be confirmed the check "Settings - Developer Options {} - USB Debugging" for older machines.

    3)KT50/45Q equipment has charging and USB cables,and pay attention to distinguishing between customers.


    4) Make sure that the computer has installed the relevant drivers so that customers can check whether there is an uninstalled drivers in the device manager of the computer after connecting the computer with a USB cable.

  • How to debug USB?

    Answer:Open mode:Settings - Developer Options - USB Debugging

    If you turn on the USB debugging mode,the computer will not work properly (the win10 network will be installed automatically).Without ADB driver, you can install the related driver manually.

    Android 5.1 system developers choose to display in the default settings, Android 6.0 requires access "Settings - About mobile phone - click on the "version number" 7 times,you can find the developer options in the settings.

  • Device and computer transmission of data

     Mobile/CE platform
     Install drvuupdate synchronization assistant.
    Android平台: Android platform
    Answer: 1) In the case of normal installation of the driver,you need to select "MTP mode" in the device drop-down status bar (It has been canceled the mass storage mode (USB flash disk mode) after Android4.4, you can use this mode after inserting the SD card).
    2)When debugging (with a computer connected), you can't find the new file on the computer when you create a new file on the device.This is the problem with the MTP mechanism.It allows the client to generate an internal folder when creating a new file.Do not store it in the root directory.

  • How to take a screenshot?

    Answer:KT40Q:press (long press 1s)(some system versions support)"power key + F3" at the same time;

    KT45/KT45Q/KT50/KT55/KT55L、SD55/60: Press (long press)"power key + volume" at the same time.

  • Does it support OTG?

    A:Yes.OTG support:SD card,USB flash disk,mouse,Ethernet.It is recommended to buy the drive free OTG cable.

  • Are network cables supported?

    A: Support,connect the Ethernet through the OTG adapter cable,it is recommended to buy the installation wiring,which is without installing the driver.(We has TP_LINK adapter cable can provide customers to buy)


  • What are the ways to store encrypted information?

    Answer: 1) PSAM card encryption;2) T card stores encrypted information; 3) Chip card stores encrypted information(need to weld the chip to the main board)

  • Device root

    A: It can be done with USB root.The root tool "" (MTK6735, MTK6753 available) is available,and the 6.0 system is also available.
     There is no such thing in series.
    1.Unzip the file
    2.settings-Developer options-USB debugging
    3.Turn on USB debugging in the device and connects to the computer.
    4.Click on "clicked_here.cmd" and wait for the device to to restart automatically
    5.Restart completes to open "SuperSU"
    6.Prompted to update the binary file and click "continue"
    7.Select "nomal" pending restart.
    You can install terminal software on the device to verify whether root is successful (enter su, enter, $ becomes #root) 
    Tools: Link: Code: 225d

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