Development History

Founded in 2008, Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd. is a domestic advanced IoT technology promotion unit dedicated to providing appropriate information services for enterprise users.

The company has a deep technical background of intelligent terminals, focusing on the productization of IoT technology, relying on technology accumulation, based on industry application scenarios, and providing solutions for users with user experience as a requirement.

Intelligent terminal products have gained advanced status in the fields of “mobile intelligent terminal”, “Internet of Things data acquisition equipment” and “industrial PDA”, and have been fully applied and valued in various industries and fields. It is an ideal mobile Internet of Things partner.

  • 10
    "SD series products" mass production, special products for express logistics, mobile medical and other industries, and expand the handheld terminal product line; new product models: SD35/SD55/SD55UHF/SD60/SD60RT/SD60PRT/SD100;
  • 03
    "Internet + industry featured products" strategic objectives, focusing on logistics / police / medical / transportation and other fields; new products: logistics special amount square / PC tablet / bus aggregation payment car toll machine.
  • 01
    "Iron Man series products" mass production; product model: KT40/KT50/KT55/KT80;
  • 05
    "Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd." officially listed .
  • 09
    The company applied for a change of name to “Beijing Speedata Technology Co., Ltd.”.
  • 06
    Mobile ticketing equipment for the Brazilian Club Football League and the World Cup.
  • 09
    Established the East China (Shanghai) Sales Center.
  • 12
    The year-end summary will determine the market positioning of “focus on mobile IoT and solutions”.
  • 10
    Start branding and register the trademark "Speedata".
  • 01
    Begin modular product design to prepare for the large-scale customization of future hardware products.
  • 03
    Customized products enter the police terminal market.
  • 11
    Overseas sales are beginning
  • 06
    Established a Shenzhen office.
  • 12
    Established Dalian Zhuoxun Softcom Technology Co., Ltd. to start the development of Linux and Android kernel products.
  • 01
    Started mobile IoT product development.
  • 07
    “Beijing Zhuoxiangzhihe Technology Co., Ltd.” was established in Beijing Shangdi Information Industry Base.
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